On-Demand Short Course | Special Topic: Anisotropy

The J.A. Woollam Company held an online course focused on the analysis of anisotropic materials.   There are ten sessions covering characterization of anisotropic thin films and substrates. The first session is immediately available for streaming below.

We are now offering this course on-demand for our customers and is available for purchase.  For more information, please submit the form at the bottom of this page.

This course uses CompleteEASE software for analysis, if you are looking for a general course on CompleteEASE analysis, please find the list of upcoming courses here.


Session 1: Introduction & Uniaxial Films

  • What is Anisotropy?
  • Uniaxial Thin Films
  • Identifying Anisotropic Samples

Session 2: Absorbing Uniaxial Films

  • Uniaxial films with absorbing regions
  • Using B-Spline and Gen-Osc
  • Review of strategies

Session 3: Generalized SE & the Retardance Model

  • Jones Calculus
  • Jones Matrix for Linear Retarder
  • Generalized Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (g-SE)
  • Retardance Model

Session 4: Mueller Matrix SE & Depolarization

  • Stokes vectors and Mueller-Matrix elements
  • Common Mueller-Matrix shapes
  • Measuring the Mueller Matrix
  • Depolarization

Session 5: Approaching Anisotropic Substrates: Part 1

  • Analysis of substrates using reflected measurements
  • Multiple Azimuth Analysis
  • Euler Angles

Session 6: Approaching Anisotropic Substrates: Part 2

  • Analysis of substrates using transmitted measurements
  • Multi data-set modeling and multi data-type modeling

Session 7: Coatings on anisotropic substrates

  • Four strategies to attempt for coatings on anisotropic substrates

Session 8: Anisotropic Bruggeman Effective Medium Approximation

  • Create a model for shape-induced anisotropy
  • Model porous films
  • Model 3D nanostructures (GLAD)

Session 9: Liquid Crystals and Chiral Structures

  • Liquid Crystal Anisotropy
  • Liquid Crystal Retarders
  • Modeling a Twisted Anisotropic Material
  • Cholesteric Liquid Crystals

Session 10: Review of entire course

  • Review


Session 1 of 10 is available for playback below.  If you are interested in the remaining 9 sessions, please fill out the form below.


The J.A. Woollam Company is offering a recording of this class for purchase.  If you’re interested, please fill out the form below and you will prompted for payment via PayPal.

Price for this course is:
$500 USD Standard
$250 USD University