RC2 Ellipsometer

The RC2® design builds on 25 years of experience. It combines the best features of previous models with innovative new technology: dual rotating compensators, achromatic compensator design, advanced light source and next-generation spectrometer design. The RC2 is a near-universal solution for the diverse applications of spectroscopic ellipsometry.

Why an RC2?

Advanced Measurement Capabilities

The RC2 is the first commercial spectroscopic ellipsometer to collect all 16 elements of the Mueller matrix. Mueller matrix SE allows characterization of the most advanced samples and nanostructures.

Best Measurement Accuracy

Advanced measurement capabilities allow the best accuracy from fast CCD-based ellipsometry.

Dual Rotating Compensators

Synchronous rotation of two compensators provides high accuracy, high speed, and complete Mueller-matrix measurements.

Achromatic Compensator Design*

New achromatic compensator design with optimized performance over a wide spectral range. *patent pending

Wide Spectral Range

Collect over 1000 wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the near infrared – all simultaneously.

Fast Measurement Speed

Synchronous operation of both compensators allows highly accurate data without waiting to “zone-average” over optical elements. Collect the entire spectrum (over 1000 wavelengths) simultaneously in a fraction of a second.

Advanced “Dual” Light Source

Dual light source for extended spectral range with computer control of beam intensity. Automatically optimize signal on any sample (low or high reflection).