theta-SE Ellipsometer

The theta-SE is a push-button spectroscopic ellipsometer for characterizing thin film uniformity. It features advanced ellipsometry instrumentation in a compact package at an affordable price.

Why a theta-SE?

Fully Integrated

The theta-SE comes equipped with 300 mm sample mapping, small-spot measurement beam, fast sample alignment, look-down camera and our latest Dual-Rotation ellipsometer technology. The theta-SE has everything you need to measure the spatial uniformity of your film thickness and optical properties.

High Speed

Sample throughput is optimized by using fast point-to-point translation, high-speed sample alignment and Dual-Rotation ellipsometer technology for continuous data collection.


The patented Dual-Theta rotation stage enables full, 300 mm mapping in a small, table-top instrument. The instrument footprint is only slightly larger than a 300 mm wafer.

User Friendly

Automated data analysis and built-in reporting enables push-button operation and quick access to measurement results.


The theta-SE delivers the power of spectroscopic ellipsometry and 300 mm uniformity mapping at a reasonable price.