J.A. Woollam began software development for automated ellipsometry measurements in the 1980s. Over the years, our software has continued to evolve with advancements in our field, improvements in computing power, and feedback from our customers. CompleteEASE is the culmination of 35 years of ellipsometry experience and software development.

CompleteEASE is included with all new M-2000, RC2, alpha 2.0, iSE, and theta-SE systems.

Industry Leading Software


A comprehensive software platform for data acquisition and model development custom designed for use with J.A. Woollam ellipsometers, CompleteEASE provides the
most functional and intuitive interface for data analysis and reporting of results.


CompleteEASE features a variety of analysis tools to assist in model development. Our thickness pre-fit and global-fit algorithms automate thickness and refractive index determination for transparent films. We recently automated our patented B-Spline model to determine optical properties in absorbing regions with a single
mouse click.

Fully Integrated

CompleteEASE automatically detects hardware configuration changes to seamlessly transition between focusing optics, liquid cells, heat cells, and others. Integrated support for mapping stages, camera, pattern recognition, and comprehensive graphing tools to display results are all standard features of CompleteEASE. CompleteEASE also features an API to enable custom communication and real-time feedback control.


The Levenberg-Marquardt regression algorithm has been optimized to provide the fastest possible model fit to raw data, including compatibility with multi-core processing. This is especially useful for the analysis of complex absorbing samples and real-time characterization of thin films where the data is analyzed as the measurements are acquired.