VASE Ellipsometer

The VASE® is our most established and versatile ellipsometer. Useful for research on all types of materials, including semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multi-layers, and more. Variable wavelength and angle of incidence enable flexible measurement capabilities. The VASE combines high accuracy and precision with the widest spectral range in the industry, 193 to 4000 nm.

Why a VASE?

Maximum Data Accuracy

The VASE features a rotating analyzer ellipsometer (RAE) combined with our patented AutoRetarder® for unparalleled data accuracy.

High Precision Wavelength Selection

Our custom-built scanning monochromator is designed specifically for spectroscopic ellipsometry, optimizing speed, wavelength accuracy, and light throughput, while
automatically controlling wavelength selection and spectral resolution.

Flexible Measurements

The VASE features a vertical sample mount and vacuum stage to accommodate a large variety of measurement geometries including reflection, transmission, and

Extended Wavelength Range

The VASE offers multiple combinations of detectors, including our latest 4IR extension which allows for measurements up to 4000 nm.