alpha 2.0 Ellipsometer

The alpha 2.0 is a budget-friendly option for routine measurements of thin film thickness and refractive index. A compact footprint and simple design make the alpha 2.0 easy to use while harnessing the power of spectroscopic ellipsometry. It was designed for ease-of-use: simply place the sample on the stage, choose the model that matches your film, click “measure”, and you will have results within seconds.

Why an alpha 2.0?


Push-button operation is complemented by advanced software that takes care of the work for you.


Proven spectroscopic ellipsometer technology gives you both thickness and index with much higher certainty than other techniques.


It works with your materials – dielectrics, semiconductors, organics, and more.


A streamlined instrument created for research and development of simple samples.


Simultaneous collection of 190 wavelengths for highspeed, multi-angle ellipsometry measurements.